There is a wide range of road treatments being used for driveways to Motorway sections. All tar/bitumen surfacing laid have the same purpose, to form a stiff, strong, impermeable surface that would have a maintenance free life of 20 years. It is easily laid and handled depending on temperature.

Patrick McCaffrey & Sons Ltd. have been successfully producing high quality asphalt for the last 50 years. The plant is continually updated and modernised, it is annually certified by the NSAI to IS EN 13108 (Factory Production Control for Asphaltic Mixes).

The asphalt plant is very accurate and reliable and is capable of mixing 110 tonnes per hour. There is a large range of mixes available from Asphalt Concrete, Stone Mastic Asphalt for driveways to Hot Rolled Asphalts more commonly used on road sections. Production of specified mixes can be designed and produced with prior notice.

Our friendly and professional dispatch staff organise all deliveries and can cater for most eventualities, delivering high quality material and time keeping is paramount.